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How can I register an account on RangeMaster?

RangeMaster offers registration of 3 types. Shooter, Club and Sponsor. You can register by clicking at "Sign-In" on top right, then goto "Register" tab.

What are the different match status on RangeMaster?

RangeMaster has following match status:
Pending: You have registered but not made the payment
Completed / Waiting List: You have registered and made payment but not yet approved by MD
Approved: Your registration has been approved by MD.
Cancelled: Your registration has been cancelled by MD.
Withdrawn: You have withdrawn your registration.
Rejected: Your registration has been rejected.

How can I change my registration data or squadding?

At RangeMaster, you can change your personal data by loging in to your shooter profile and goto Edit Profile section in your dashboard. For changes that cannot be made at the personal data page, please contact your match director by email. For squadding, you will get this option under Matches section.

Can I host a match at this system? What does it cost?

At RangeMaster, you can register your club and goto Matches section in your dashboard to host a match. It is free to register and create a match.

I want to work as RO but don't want to shoot. How shall I subscribe?

Please contact the match contact person by e-mail.

I haven't received email from RangeMaster?

Please check if you have received any email in your spam folder, if so, please mark the address as trusted email for better delivery in future.

What is the price of joining RangeMaster?

RangeMaster is a free platform and will always remain free. However, you could buy some plans to get some additional benefits.

Where can I express my squadding wishes? How can I achieve to be squadded together with my fellows?

At RangeMaster, you can join any available squad if it is permissible for the match.If the squadding is not available, you can always message the match director to express your wishes.

How can I download a match invitation?

Some matches enable to download invitation from match profile. You can just visit the match profile and download it. If you don't see the option, contact the match director.

What is neccessary to host a match at your system?

You need to provide basic information like match name, region, hosting club name and website link, location and website link with full address, match level, sports info, gun type, available divisions, match start and end dates, registration start and end dates, no. of squads, no. of stages, info about each stage, entry fee, payment information.

As a shooter, how can I protect my privacy / set my visibility?

RangeMaster has following visibility settings for shooter's privacy:
Public: Your personal details will be visible everywhere to all other shooters, clubs, sponsors
Restricted: You will not be visible in searches, but will be visible in the match you registered
Private: Your profile will be visible everywhere, however instead of your name, your username will be visible
Secret: If you set your visibility mode to secret, your profile will not be visible to any other shooter. However it will be visible to match director of the match you have registered and to the club where you are member

What are the different club membership status on RangeMaster?

RangeMaster has following club membership status:
Pending: You have registered but not made the payment
Requested: You have registered and made payment (or purchased a free membership) but not yet approved by club
Approved: Your membership request has been approved by club.
Invited: You have been invited to join by club admin or existing member of the club
Cancelled: Your membership request has been cancelled by club
Unjoin: You have requested to withdraw your membership and unjoin
Removed: You have been removed from the club by the admin

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